A small company with big capabilities.

Having a plan feels good.

Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers

We can get you there!

Our goal is to be your complete web services partner.

Customers or clients? Staff or shareholders? Partners, patients, the public or the press? No matter who you want to communicate with and why, we can help you use the web to do just that more effectively. That's because we understand the wider business context, the commercial imperatives and the need to achieve your objectives.

Yes we're experts in all the creative and technical stuff, web design and build, but we're also expert in effective communications, the bedrock of which is 'usability'. This ensures that from the very start of a project, how your target audience uses a page and navigates a site, drives the design process. We don't design first, test after. We test and check all the way along.


So, we offer a wide range of services that
will help make your web design project a success.


It's a digital world we live in.   The Internet is today's phone book which means every business needs a web presence - whatever your size, whatever you sell.

Whitefish Web Design is an inspired team of skilled pros who create and host websites that stand out and function well. We're experienced, energetic and efficient. Nothing excites us more than building websites and customizing web applications that bring more business to our clients - at a cost that doesn't make their accountants frown. We'd be thrilled to do it for you.


Quick Paws

As the owner of a small business, I’ve struggled for nearly a decade with website maintenance and design. I don’t have time to maintain the site myself these days, but finding someone competent and reliable to do it proved nearly impossible…until I met Amber at Whitefish Web. I’d worked with Amber before, but suddenly found myself needing a full-service tech support team for Quick Paws’ website. Amber’s company came sailing to the rescue. Amber and her team respond to my questions and concerns promptly and courteously, and I have come to expect almost immediate attention to my requests (even if Amber is on vacation!). Whitefish Web Design is detail-oriented, efficient, and thorough. It’s been a huge relief to finally find a web design company I can rely on who listens to my ideas and implements them flawlessly.


Swan River Gardens

Thanks Amber and Andi, you couldn't have been more professional or any easier to work with. I know I'm a small account but I feel you gave me the same attention as if I were your biggest. From the initial consultation to going 'Live' you have made the process easy for me. I have recommended your company to a few businesses here In Bigfork that were intimidated by the notion that building a website would be painful and expensive, they tell me now they're using your services.

Tamus Gannon

Best Trash

I have to tell you that every time I have any questions that need to be answered, you are right there with an answer or any help that I may need regarding the website. I know I may not need to reach out to you very often, but every time I do, you are both courteous and quick to help me out. The website that you have designed for us is great and easy to manage. I like that I am always dealing with the same two people who are familiar with our account.

Christie Leighton

New Agrarian School

I simply couldn’t be happier with my experience with the folks at Whitefish Web design. Not only did they deliver a beautiful and effective website, but they were professional at every turn, and a real pleasure to work with. Successful website design requires not only a thorough technical knowledge, but a keen eye for design, and a knack for knowing what a client wants and needs… even if they are unable to articulate that themselves. Andi and Amber were excellent in all regards. Highly recommended.

Jeffery Funk

Sunrise Builders

A few years ago we began working with Whitefish Web Design for our company’s website needs. Andi and Amber are very professional and always respond very quickly to our needs – we are very lucky that they are a part of our team!

Stan W. Converse III