Hosting Solutions

“Web hosting” is the term given to the collective service of keeping your website and email online.

Your website (and email) consists of many individual files and often a database that stores information. All this stuff sits on a powerful computer (the ‘server’) and the web hosting fee that you pay basically is your ‘rent’ on that server. You are simply renting space on another computer that is hooked up to the internet.

Web hosting is practically a commodity these days. Whitefish Web Design provides web hosting to our clients because hosting a website and building a website go hand in hand. And by hosting the sites we build, we’re able to eliminate the potential pitfalls that come with introducing another vendor into the mix.
•We upload and configure your web site for you.
•We automatically set up web stats for you and provide reports upon request. We use Google Analytics.
•If you have questions about anything you can simply call us and speak to a real person.

Web Hosting Plans:
We offer shared hosting with an affiliate. We will consult with you on which web hosting plan best fits your needs.

Business Web Hosting: $30/mo or $275/yr
•Up to 500 MB of disk space.
•2 GB of disk transfer.
•mySQL Database support.
•Full Domain support (including domain parking, forwarding, aliasing sub domains).
•Robust, graphical web traffic (Google Analytics).


Dedicated IP and Secure Server (SSL) Certificates: varies
•If your site requires secure server technology, you’ll need a secure server certificate (and as such, you will also need a dedicated IP address.) We’ll advise you if you need this, but in general, any sites that use ecommerce or transmit any sort of sensitive information will need this. Note that this fee is on top of the hosting plan fees.

Questions to ask when building a website

  • What's the purpose of your website?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are some of your favorite sites and why?
  • What are some of your least favorite sites and why?
  • What are the business objectives for your site?
  • What are your main reasons for commissioning a new site?
  • Describe your company in terms of character and presentation.
  • What's your budget?