Knowing your customer across channels is key to true personalization, whether they are a Facebook fan, use your mobile app daily or are anonymously browsing your website looking for deals. But matching identities isn’t easy.

That’s where Lytics comes in – we use modern identity matching techniques to merge customer data and surface an immediately useful profile of your customer. As you learn more about them, the profile gets smarter and smarter.

No more lengthy database projects that yield little true intelligence you can use. Lytics gives marketers a smarter picture of all their customers, in real-time, ready for targeted marketing campaigns.



Lytics, the pioneer of adaptive digital marketing, provides a marketing activation platform that integrates all digital touch points, surfaces previously undiscoverable behaviors of customers and prospects, then proactively recommends how to best target audiences across web, mobile, email and social.

That means, with Lytics, customer-centric companies can supercharge brand loyalty, improve conversion rates, increase customer lifetime value and drive revenue.

Your customers expect you to recognize them across channels and offer personalized experiences. With Lytics, you finally can.



Lytics knows what works (and what doesn’t). Use our suggested marketing campaigns to adapt your marketing to new customer behaviors and needs.

Lytics identifies new audiences and pro-actively recommends campaigns to target them. Stop sending the same email newsletter every week to the same audience who has stopped responding (gone dormant) and instead, reactivate them in other channels, like Facebook or on your website with a win-back message.

Start spending your time and resources on campaigns that move the needle for your business with the segments that matter. Let Lytics lead your team to truly adaptive digital marketing.

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